Can Yaman Mania

Can Yaman


Love at first sight happens...
Or you can make it happen.

Can Yaman


Love at first sight happens...
Or you can make it happen.

Sembra Strano anche a me, il libro di Can Yaman

Can Yaman is the actor of the moment. But who is he really? What lies behind his magnetic eyes and his flawless talent?

For the first time, Can decides to get naked in an intimate and private autobiography.

An unpublished, true and surprising portrait that tells the story of a man, and not the successes of a star.

An intense, elusive, thunderous idea.

A fleeting, lively, sensual glance.

A thought that is decisive, intense and sweet like a strawberry.

A fascinating sensation, warm and exciting like cocoa.

An unstoppable emotion, passionate and persistent like whiskey.

A journey into Love at first sight, infinite and unique like Can Yaman Mania.

A unisex fragrance: for her, for him... for you

Love at first sight:
Can Yaman Mania

Love at first sight is striking! Things you need to know:

  • Whether you are a woman or a man, you’ll love the fragrance Can Yaman Mania
  • If you buy two, shipping and delivery is on us
  • Love has not bounds: the fragrance Mania can be bought all over Europe.

Can Yaman Mania is unisex fragrance: for her, for him.

Photo by Claudio Porcarelli

Can Yaman Mania supports Can Yaman for children. With Love.

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Can Yaman Mania is a unisex fragrance. For her, for him… For you