Mania Challenge

Mania Competition: Our very first Can Yaman social media competition!

A week dedicated to Mania. A week devoted to Can Yaman but you take centre stage!

The Mania Competition will be open from the 25 – 31 January 2022 and everyone who has bought Mania will be able to demonstrate their passion for this intensely unique fragrance.

All you have to do is take a picture with the perfume bottle or make graphic artworks and captivating instagram reels with it, making it as creative and original as possible. When you publish the story on your Instagram account, remember to tag @canyamanmania and add the hashtag #maniastyle.

The best photos will be shared on our official Instagram and Facebook accounts. Attention: there will be one overall winner who will win an amazing prize. Don’t forget that Can himself will select the winner!

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