Mania Pop-Art Limited Edition


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Mania Pop-Art Limited Edition


The Limited Edition fragrance in support of Can Yaman for Children.

The world of art blends together with Can Yaman’s iconic fragrance to give life to a project that turns its attention to the children.

A restyled version that aims to bring both a message of solidarity and an important cultural one too. An artistic link that explores the world and the pop-art style, the one most loved by children, to spread a message of love.

Mania launches the new limited edition fragrance to raise additional funds to support the new Can Yaman for Children initiatives.

Because love generates love. Always .

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So many of you preordered the perfume.

Can Yaman Mania is currently out of stock.

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Can Yaman Mania is a unisex fragrance. For her, for him… For you